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Electricity retailers will have some explaining to do once the carbon price begins. reallyboring/Flickr

Power prices will be the real test of the carbon tax

The first real test of whether the public will accept Australia’s carbon tax will be when electricity bills start landing in peoples’ mailboxes after 1 July 2012. The main issue is that while the carbon…
There’s a lot of carbon in there. John Tann

Is using native forests for energy really carbon-neutral?

Australia’s forest conflict gets easier to solve as every day passes. In reality, the conflict will solve itself if the government can just resist reviving the environmentally and economically inferior…
India has ambitious plans to expand nuclear power.

How will Australian uranium affect India’s energy mix?

Earlier this week, the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard indicated she wants to reverse the ban on selling uranium to India. India’s government has welcomed the idea. Australia has close to 40% of…
Microbial fuel cells: a bit of mud or sewage, a few bacteria and, bingo: electricity. engineering for change

Mud power: how bacteria can turn waste into electricity

When you read the word “bacteria” you probably think about illness, advertisements for “probiotic” food supplements, and maybe about brushing your teeth. Chances are, you probably don’t think about electricity…

Does turning cow poo to power pay?

Studies have estimated that converting manure from the 95 million animal units in the United States would produce renewable…
Future demand for electricity is hard to determine, but one thing’s for sure: prices will rise. freefotouk

Power prices rising, time for politicians to act

On August 31, the Australian Financial Review reported that “Power-hungry states face energy shock”. Another article on page ten read “Electricity price explosion predicted”. So, what is going on? Should…
Fossil fuel power generation doesn’t look like a great investment. jon hanson/Flickr

Increasing electricity prices: watt’s the culprit?

New fossil-fuel power plants that nobody wants to pay for, electricity companies saying power prices will go through the roof: the economy of generating electricity is a complicated business. Last week…
Is paying for power lines pushing up bills? AAP

What’s really pushing up the price of power?

Household electricity bills are rising and about half of a typical bill goes to paying network costs. Are we paying too much for network infrastructure? Electricity networks are undeniably important. They…
Battery-operated cars can plug a quickly emerging gap in the market. Thomas Bräunl

Why electric cars are in pole position

With global warming, carbon trading and record-high petrol prices in the news, not to mention the ever-looming spectre of peak oil, we need to find an environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable…

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