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The global energy transition needs to be just and fair to all, but the chance of that happening is getting slim, says a new report by 22 international researchers. Martin Bergsma/Shutterstock

The energy transition can be fair, just and inclusive – but the window of opportunity is closing fast

For the green transition to be fair and just to people and communities around the globe, countries must change the way energy is used and governed.
Aerial view of the Pinto Valley copper mine, located on private and U.S. national forest lands in Gila County, Ariz. Wild Horizon/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Gold, silver and lithium mining on federal land doesn’t bring in any royalties to the US Treasury – because of an 1872 law

Hard rock minerals like gold, silver, copper and lithium on public lands belong to the American public, but under a 150-year-old law, the US gives them away for free.

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