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Will the prematurely released Agreement bring peace in Tasmania’s forest wars? Rainforest Action Network/flickr

Deal or no deal? Reflections on Tasmania’s forest agreement

A great deal of head scratching will take place in Canberra and Hobart in the coming days as politicians and bureaucrats try to make sense of last week’s Signatories Agreement for Tasmania’s forests. Premature…
Who wouldn’t walk away from an agreement that locks Tasmania into a backward future? ialla/Flickr

Pulping Tasmania’s future

The peace talks underway about Tasmania’s forests are as rich in ironies and paradoxes as Tasmania’s old-growth forests are in carbon. The current direction of the peace talks locks Tasmania into a pulpwood…
What all the fighting is for. epidemiks/Flickr

Is the Tasmanian forest agreement collapsing?

On 18 May 2011, The Wilderness Society suspended its participation in Tasmania’s forest peace talks. Is this the beginning of the end for these negotiations? Perhaps, but only because the solution emerging…
Trees provide services to cities that far outstrip their cost. Tim Parkinson/flickr

Sustainable cities need trees, not freeways

As we worry about where we will put Australia’s ever-increasing population, urban trees are becoming collateral damage. So how much are our trees worth to us? According to Melbourne City Council, they…

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