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Articles on GP co-payment

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Nobel Laureate Professor Joseph Stiglitz says Australia should make sure its international “brand name” is for its high-quality services. EPA/Arne Dedert

Audio Q&A: Professor Joseph Stiglitz on inequality, rent-seeking and Australia’s ‘brand name’

Nobel Laureate and renowned economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz has been packing out lecture theatres in Australia in the past week. During his whirlwind tour, he’s talked about why inequality matters…
The $14 billion derived annually from tobacco and alcohol tax is already a pretty good bucket from which to fund health and medical research. Reinis Taidras/Flickr

Funding health research: a win-win alternative to co-payments

One of the most criticised components of the federal budget has been the proposed $7 co-payment for GP visits and some medical tests. But there’s a healthy way the treasurer can have his cake and eat it…
A lack of local professionals means rural health is already under pressure and the budget will only make things worse. Len Matthews/Flickr

Already fragile, rural health set to suffer more under the budget

People living in remote and rural Australia already have a shorter life expectancies and higher rates of premature deaths. Last week’s federal budget will not only make that worse, it will introduce even…

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