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Even small scale, patchy reef restoration efforts can go a long way to repair coral ecosystems, new research has found. Flickr/gruntzooki

Coral rehab finding offers hope for Great Barrier Reef

Coral ecosystems cope much better than was first thought when the reef habitat is fragmented, a new study has found, meaning that efforts to restore even small parts of the damaged Great Barrier Reef could…
UK researchers say they are close to recreating in the lab a compound that coral uses to protect itself from UV light, paving the way for a ‘sunscreen pill’. Flickr/iefetell

Sunscreen pill may be five years away but Cancer Council urges caution

Sun-lovers may one day be able to pop a ‘sunscreen pill’ that uses a compound found in coral to protect skin from harmful UV light, according to UK researchers. Cancer Council Australia has cautiously…
Mass bleaching at the Keppel Islands in 2006. Our greatest natural asset is under threat, but you wouldn’t know it from reading Andrew Bolt. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg

Drowning out the truth about the Great Barrier Reef

MEDIA & DEMOCRACY - Ove Hoegh-Guldberg dives into the media’s coverage of an Australian icon’s future. One of the most straightforward climate change storylines is the link between global warming and…

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