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Health consumers don’t necessarily use the internet to bypass their GP, they use it as an additional source of information. Flickr/Chelsea Louise

Don’t panic! Healthy consumers look online for medical advice

We’ve all heard the warnings against googling your symptoms in search of a diagnosis: you’ll uncover a range of daunting illnesses and launch into panic-mode over something like a measly cold. There is…
Our legal system already has provisions in place capable of responding to criminal conduct by health-care workers. Image from

Health-care providers – a different class of criminal?

Should Australian health-care workers face criminal penalties if they wilfully or recklessly neglect or mistreat patients? The United Kingdom is currently grappling with this question after systemic failures…
It’s your absolute right to seek advice and to be in charge of what happens to your body. Image from

A guide to a second medical opinion

How many dealers did you visit before you last bought a car? Were you happy with the first quote you got for a painting job or kitchen renovation? When it comes to your finances, your house and your belongings…
Research should be routinely performed as part of health-care delivery. Image from

Don’t bury the benefits of research to improve the health system

If you missed the release of the McKeon review on Friday you’re not alone. The Commonwealth government released the Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research just before the weekend – a time usually…
Some Australian refugees develop “protracted asylum seeker syndrome”. Alex E. Proimos

Long waits for refugee status lead to new mental health syndrome

There’s a common misconception within the Australian community that asylum seekers arrive by boat. In fact, most asylum seekers arrive here by aeroplane with valid travel documents and reside in the community…
Modern professionals have an opportunity to undo some of the hardships created by pathologizing same-sex attraction. stigeredoo

From homophobia to homophilia: the future face of medicine

Homophilia, a term once used to define “unnatural” relations between same-sex people in the early- to mid-20th century has been given a makeover. Urban gay communities around the world are using homophilia…
Something to chew on: why do governments spend less on dental services? illuminaut

Extracting the true cost of universal dental care

The recent decision to means test the tax subsidy on private health insurance was made on the grounds that we provide more help to those who need it most and not subsidise those who can afford to take…

Backdown on cuts to mental health counselling

Drastic cuts to mental health counselling services will be postponed for 9 months, after a decision by the Federal Government today to delay a major overhaul of the Better Access program. Last November…

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