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Articles on Immune system

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Hay fever may be a good sign

Seasonal allergies such as hay fever may be a sign that your immune system is doing its job. “Type 2 immunity”, which battles…

Gene critical to immune system

Researchers have found that a specific gene is responsible for the function of the immune system, and may be blocked or amplified…

Immune cells react to stress

Scientists have shown for the first time that certain cells circulating in human blood – monocytes – are extremely sensitive…
Jacques Miller discovered the function of the thymus gland, which changed immunology forever.

Gus Nossal: It’s Australian Jacques Miller’s turn for a Nobel Prize

Every year at the beginning of October, a frisson runs through the global medical research community. Who will win the greatest lottery of them all, the Nobel Prize for Medicine? In a cynical and sceptical…
Marsupials and monotremes could do the dirty on drug-resistant infections. Lorinda Taylor/AAP

Doctor’s pouch: Australian mammals hold the key to fighting superbugs

We know, because it’s big news, that drug-resistant infections are on the rise globally. But could Australian mammals hold the key to a fightback? Our current crop of antibiotics is in danger of becoming…

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