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Bees live in complex environments, and make lots of decisions every day that are crucial for survival. from

Bees join an elite group of species that understands the concept of zero as a number

The Romans may not have had a symbol for zero, but bees understand what it means beyond just the simple assumption “there’s nothing there”.
Orange Harlequin bugs are unappealing to birds – and almost invisible to a preying mantis. Louise (Flickr) via Wikimedia Commons

To avoid mantids, stinkbugs evolved to hide in plain sight

Did you know that the sky isn’t actually blue? Perhaps in school you learned about how air scatters light, filtering out red light from the sun, but that is only half the story. While our eyes perceive…
A brain the size of a sesame seed, such as that found in a honey bee, is still capable of weighing up decisions. macropoulos

What bees don’t know can help them: measuring insect indecision

Everyone knows what it’s like to be uncertain – at least, humans do. But are non-human animals ever uncertain? When we feel uncertainty, instead of risking the consequences of a bad or wrong decision…

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