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Is stopping someone speaking ever the right approach? sjgibbs80/Flickr

Monckton and Notre Dame: a case for free speech?

Is it wise to try to block a speech by Christopher Monckton? Are there other options? Monckton, a well known climate change sceptic, was invited to speak at Notre Dame University in Fremantle on 30 June…
Lord Monckton will appear at two Western Australian universities over the coming days. AAP

University of Western Australia’s VC disowns Monckton event on campus

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Western Australia has distanced himself from climate change sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton, who will appear on campus next Monday. Professor Alan Robson today…
Universities have a responsibility to preserve the integrity of academic and scientific research. Zebra Pares/Flickr

Notre Dame University should not host Monckton

On June 30 Notre Dame University intends to host a lecture by Lord Christopher Monckton, one of the world’s most flamboyant climate change deniers. On learning of this I wrote an open letter to Notre Dame…
We’re putting Christopher Monckton’s scientific claims to the test. Don Irvine/flickr

Monckton watch: interrogating the Lord’s science

Christoper Monckton has returned to Australia where his unique brand of climate contrarianism is expected to get another good run in the media. At The Conversation, we’re giving him a run too, but of a…
Christopher Monckton deliberately misleads the public on climate change. AAP

The chief troupier: the follies of Mr Monckton

CLEARING UP THE CLIMATE DEBATE: Associate Professor John Abraham puts Christopher Monckton’s climate claims to the test. This summer, the people of Australia will yet again be treated to a circus tour…