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The ‘wireless’ symbol shows the card can broadcast its contents. Philip Toscano/PA

Visa flaw shows contactless payment still has its problems

Researchers have found the £20 limit for contactless payments with credit and debit cards can be tricked into accepting unlimited payments without entering a PIN number – when used with a foreign currency…
You could soon say goodbye to credit cards and cash – no need to burn them, though. ~lauren/Flickr

Apple Pay heralds a new, safe era of cashless convenience

Mobile payment systems have been around for years without gaining much traction, but this might be about to change with the release of the iPhone 6’s Apple Pay. This latest iPhone uses near field communication…
As tiny as a grain of rice. Austin Yee

New type of in-body device could be charged wirelessly

Many ailments, such as irregular heartbeats, can be treated by electrical stimulation within the body. But current technology makes in-body devices, such as pacemakers, very bulky because they need big…
Near field communication isn’t a new phenomenon, but it’s only just now getting a real push into Australia. vernieman

What is near field communication (and how secure is it)?

Coles and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia declared last month their intention to make use of near field communication (NFC) technology, allowing users to transfer their personal and other banking details…
Fabric and leather wallets are so early 21st century. PrettyCoolShops

Digital economy: why tech firms want a piece of your wallet

Banks, financial institutions and now internet service providers such as Google are falling over each other to gain a share of your wallet – your digital wallet to be precise. Of course, not all of us…

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