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Protests at climate talks in New York in 2014. EPA/ANDREW KELLY

Timeline: UN climate negotiations

1988 marked the first call for climate action from the scientific community. Nearly 30 years later it's been a bumpy ride.
The stage is set for a climate agreement - although it may be political rather than legal. EPA/Yoan Valat/AAP

Will the Paris agreement be legally binding?

Probably not, but that might be for the best if it encourages countries to be more ambitious in their commitments, rather than playing it safe to avoid falling foul of legal obligations.
Christian Hartmann/Reuters

COP21: what it is and why it matters

The 2015 "Conference of Parties" in Paris will bring together 195 nations rich and poor as well as the EU to try and hammer out a definitive climate agreement. So how does it all work?
A long way to go for $100 billion Green Climate Fund.

The biggest sticking point in Paris climate talks: money

Rich countries are supposed to give $100 billion to developing countries in the upcoming Paris climate talks to deal with climate change. How much has been committed and how will this work?
To limit global warming to 2C we can’t emit more than another trillion tonnes of greenhouse gases. Burning fossil fuels is a major source. Coal power image from

Most countries need to at least double their efforts on climate: study

Current climate pledges will see the world warm more than 2C. To avoid dangerous climate change countries will need to at least double their efforts.

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