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Data breaches often go undiscovered for years.

When data privacy goes missing, will the regulators hear it cry?

What does privacy mean in an age of ongoing privacy breaches? With new privacy law coming online in Australia on March 12, our Privacy in Practice series explores the practical challenges facing Australian…
In the age of Edward Snowden regulators and the public are rethinking privacy. Abode of Chaos/Flickr

Redefining privacy in the age of Edward Snowden

What does privacy mean in an age of ongoing privacy breaches? With new privacy law coming online in Australia on March 12, our Privacy in Practice series explores the practical challenges facing Australian…
Someone’s about to get sold a Lucozade. adwriter

Advertisers look with empathy into your front room

Technology is under development to enable advertisers to target products not just at a broad group of people that might be watching a certain type of programme but at specific households and even individuals…
Where is this building? It really doesn’t matter. brionv

Google is unlikely to avoid UK courts on privacy

The question of accountability under national law for the wrongs committed by international companies has been debated and litigated for many years in many different courts and across many different countries…
Were you one of the 50 million people affected by the LivingSocial data breach? El Ojo Inoportuno - fotografía Lo-Fi

Once more into the data breach: the LivingSocial hack and you

Oh look, everyone … another data breach! LivingSocial, an international social service network with a presence in Australia, acknowledged last week it had been hacked, with exposure of information about…
With cabinet appearing to have sat on the proposal for a privacy tort, Stephen Conroy’s move to refer it to the Australian Law Reform Commission may effectively consign it to oblivion. AAP

Reform that wobbles like jelly: A spineless approach to privacy protection

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has indicated the federal government will not be introducing a “privacy tort” in the near future. Instead, it will refer questions about the tort back to the Australian…
Any restriction on buying painkillers needs to be consistent with national privacy protection. Nils Geylen

For your own good? Privacy law and enthusiastic pharmacists

Earlier this week the ABC reported that a handful of pharmacists in Tasmania had engaged in community policing. They’re tracking the purchase of codeine-based painkillers, sharing information with their…
The ability of the police to collect images of protesters is set to be challenged in Victoria. sidkid

Private eyes: how far can police surveillance go?

Most of us value our privacy. But in Australia, despite recommendation after recommendation that we reform the law to protect citizens from serious invasions of privacy, there is often little protection…
Proposals to extend our national security agencies’ surveillance powers over our electronic communications has caused much controversy. Ludovic Bertron

Watching the detectives: the case for restricting access to your social media data

In the “age of the social graph”, it is possible to profile people by tracking their relationships with friends and associates rather than by looking at the content of their communications. Debate about…
Trust in the media is at the heart of issues around Gina Rinehart, Fairfax and editorial independence. AAP

Basically, the fight around Fairfax is about who we should trust

Amid indications that Fairfax is going into the corporate death spiral – ongoing disinvestment resulting in smaller market share - we’re asking the wrong questions about the future of the Australian media…
There is much to like in the updated Privacy Act - but is it too early to cheer? Flickr/Mikko Luntiala

Two cheers for privacy law reform? Let’s wait and see

British novelist E M Forster famously offered two cheers for democracy. We might say the same about the national Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Bill introduced into Parliament last week…

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