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To prevent one death from prostate cancer, 1,055 men would need to be screened and 37 cancers detected. Isaac Leedom

PSA screening and prostate cancer over-diagnosis

OVER-DIAGNOSIS EPIDEMIC – We finish our first week of this series with Robert Burton, Christopher Stevenson and Mark Frydenberg examining prostate cancer screening. Scientific oncology started with the…
Should a faceless committee decide whether men should have treatment? Meeting(green) from

Giving men choice: the case for routine prostate cancer screening

Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is a common blood test used by doctors to assess whether an individual has prostate cancer. It also predicts the risk of developing prostate cancer sometime in the future…
A diagnosis of early prostate cancer may end up doing more harm than good. Medical Office picture from Shutterstock

More harm than good: rethinking routine prostate cancer screening

My offer for a public debate was accepted after I co-published opposing viewpoints about the high rates of over-diagnosis and over-treatment of early stage prostate cancer with leading urologist Professor…

Gene may trigger prostate cancer

A mutated gene could be responsible for triggering prostate cancer, new research has found. The relevant gene, p53, encodes…

A tomato a day keeps the doctor away

The red pigment in tomatoes could help prevent prostate cancer, according to researchers at a US university. A daily dose…

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