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What a novelty: Qantas chief Alan Joyce and WA Premier Colin Barnett announce the new non-stop route. AAP Image/Angie Raphael

Perth to London non-stop: great for travellers, but little help for emissions

Qantas’s new non-stop route from Perth to London might be a watershed for travel times between Australia and Europe. But super-long-haul routes won’t do much to cut aviation’s greenhouse emissions.
Australia Post chief Ahmed Fahour is managing in difficult times. Tracey Nearmy/AAP

Superstar CEOs no substitute for diverse leaders

It’s easy to assign all of the wins and losses of a company to CEO performance, but when the going gets really tough it’s the teams behind them that matter.
Myer chief Bernie Brookes became the latest senior executive to resign from the company this week as it struggles to adjusts to a new economy. Julian Smith/AAP

Lessons in management from Qantas and Myer

Firms can choose to manage for growth or cost cutting, but either way need to know what they are good at.
When airlines fill up, it’s not always easy to work out the cost. Patrick Lauke/Flickr

Explainer: fuel hedging and its impact on airlines and airfares

With oil prices on the decline, and analysts predicting record profits for the 2014/15 financial year, Qantas and Virgin Australia are under increasing pressure to abolish fuel surcharges and lower their…
As with its staff uniform, Qantas’ new advertising campaign lacks a unique brand identity. Dean Lewins/AAP

Teary Qantas ad campaign not the branding the airline needs

With its new “Feels like home” campaign, Australian airline Qantas is seeking to “rekindle that emotional connection Australians have with the airline”. Improvements in staff morale and company yield are…
The ‘girls’, with their good looks, charm and youthful determination, were fully aware of the tough demands of the job. Qantas

Flying high: the Qantas battle for pay equity resonates 20 years on

On October 27 a group of Qantas female flight attendants will celebrate with Justice Michael Kirby and their legal team the 20th anniversary of an industrial relations victory against Qantas. Such is the…
Commentators have clamoured for the head of Alan Joyce after Qantas posted a $2.8 billion statutory loss. AAP/Paul Miller

Qantas turn-around: is Alan Joyce the right leader for the job?

Since becoming CEO in November 2008, Alan Joyce has led Qantas through one crisis after another: the global shut-down of operations in the 2011 industrial dispute; a major downgrade of Qantas credit rating…
Questions are being asked of the Qantas board over fleet decisions made years ago. Halans/Flickr

Did Qantas bet the house on the wrong planes?

When Qantas posted a A$2.8 billion loss - the highest in the airline’s history - last week, one critical point was that $2.6 billion came from a write-down of the value of the aircraft in the Qantas international…
Qantas has backtracked on its previous statement on the carbon tax. AAP/Barbara Walton

Qantas somersaults on carbon tax burden

Qantas has done a backflip over the role of the carbon tax in the problems it faces. After declaring on Monday that “the major issues Qantas faces are not related to carbon pricing”, it now says this cost…
Qantas is investing in a loss-making strategy, and there’s no easy way out. Dave Hunt/AAP

Qantas can bleed now or later, but capacity war must end

Tony Abbott has thrown a curve ball at Qantas in refusing to offer up the debt guarantee it wanted, but seeking to abolish Part 3 of the Qantas Sale Act in its entirety. This opens the door to foreign…
Qantas: out of options? Neuwieser/Flickr

Nothing short of a debt guarantee will save Qantas

Imagine that Virgin Australia was majority owned by a Chinese state-owned enterprise (SOE). Then, if the owners of Virgin tipped A$350 million of new equity into the company to sustain Virgin through a…
Qantas chief Alan Joyce and CFO Gareth Evans have a lot of work to do to return Qantas to profitability. Quentin Jones/AAP

Qantas job cuts just the start in long haul to recovery

Virgin Australia has joined arch rival Qantas in delivering a multi-million dollar half-year loss - albeit on a smaller scale. Both airlines have swung from profit to loss - Virgin from a prior half-year…
Are “better jobs” ahead for sacked Qantas workers? Tracey Nearmy/AAP

Qantas workers will be joining a growing job queue

The exact nature and location of the job cuts announced yesterday at Qantas are still sketchy, but Alan Joyce’s announcement indicates 5000 equivalent full-time jobs will be cut in the next three years…
Qantas doesn’t just have a cost management problem: its strategy is failing. AAP

The 5000 Qantas job losses should include Alan Joyce

As was widely expected, Qantas this morning announced a major restructure of its operations. Included in that announcement are: 5000 job losses. A fleet restructure. Salary freezes. Route restructures…

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