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Qantas is investing in a loss-making strategy, and there’s no easy way out. Dave Hunt/AAP

Qantas can bleed now or later, but capacity war must end

Tony Abbott has thrown a curve ball at Qantas in refusing to offer up the debt guarantee it wanted, but seeking to abolish Part 3 of the Qantas Sale Act in its entirety. This opens the door to foreign…
Qantas doesn’t just have a cost management problem: its strategy is failing. AAP

The 5000 Qantas job losses should include Alan Joyce

As was widely expected, Qantas this morning announced a major restructure of its operations. Included in that announcement are: 5000 job losses. A fleet restructure. Salary freezes. Route restructures…
Qantas is heading into difficult times, but is it still a good investment? Mick Tsikas/AAP

Qantas needs tough love, not corporate welfare

So it begins – a company running to Canberra with a good story and in need of some or other political favour. To be fair, these companies tend to have very good stories – consumer safety, national security…
Qantas is poised to receive some form of government assistance, but will it act in the national interest? griffs0000/Flickr

Qantas can’t have it both ways on foreign ownership

The Federal Government appears ready to “throw a lifeline” to Qantas, which has been seeking a government-backed debt guarantee and a lifting of the 49% foreign ownership limit in the Qantas Sale Act…
Qantas wants a regulatory environment that would allow more foreign investment in the airline. Paul Miller/AAP

Q&A: Qantas the Australian airline, or not?

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has kicked off a debate about the foreign ownership of Qantas, flagging a review of the legislation that currently limits foreign holdings. He says the airline is bound by…
Qantas will split its international and domestic operations. AAP

Qantas splits operations, but break up speculation premature

Qantas has announced it is splitting its loss-making international business from domestic operations, as part of a five year turn-around plan announced last August. The two companies will have separate…
Senator Xenophon’s proposals for the Qantas Sale Act won’t fly with Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, who says the effects could be detrimental for the beleaguered airline. AAP

Fight for flight: are there grounds for Senator Xenophon’s changes to the Qantas Sale Act?

Senator Nick Xenophon’s call for change to the Qantas Sale Act has made headlines across the world this week. He has challenged the Senate committee to support amendments to the Act that would require…

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