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The Victorian government is rolling out respectful relationships education in primary and secondary schools across the state. from

Let’s make it mandatory to teach respectful relationships in every Australian school

Nearly one-quarter of young people surveyed said women exaggerated claims of sexual assault. This is only one reason why education on underlying values that lead to violence against women matters.
The majority of Australian universities have implemented or beefed up existing policies to respond to sexual assault and harassment since 2017.

Universities have made progress on responding to sexual assault, but there’s more to be done

Universities have done a lot over the last two years to respond to the high rate of sexual assault and harassment on campus, but we still don’t know whether rates of incidents have dropped.
Countries such as England and Canada have adopted more progressive approaches to inclusive sex education than Australia has.

Why education about gender and sexuality does belong in the classroom

Sex, sexuality, respectful relationships, and gender all need to be discussed in schools as a measure to combat discrimination against LGBTQ people, rising rates of STIs and violence against women.
Children are exposed to gender differences and expectations from the moment they are born. from

Can a four-year-old be sexist?

At the age of four, children have a basic understanding of gender differences and expectations. But it is unlikely they would knowingly be sexist.
One in four young people are prepared to excuse physical abuse by their partner. from

Respectful relationships education isn’t about activating a gender war

Research shows that many young Australians are not aware of appropriate boundaries in relationships. It’s important that children are informed by research rather than rhetoric.

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