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Spain has unfinished business thanks to an ambiguous settlement. Ivan McClellan

Spain offers a lesson in how not to deal with devolution

As the UK heads towards its next phase of devolution, it should look to Spain for an example of how to do it badly. In its attempt to please everyone as it drew up its 1978 constitution, Spain ended up…
How do you want your democracy? Ray Collins/The Sun/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Scottish vote gives UK a chance to repair itself – but it’s a big job

For years, Westminster politicians justified their neglect of constitutional issues by saying there are no votes in the constitution. In other words, voters are not really that interested in knowing how…
Voice of the people: David Cameron promises a devolution revolution. Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Cameron makes lightning bid to be the great British reformer

The Flower of Scotland may well be blooming but a number of thorny issues face the prime minister and the leaders of the main parties in the UK. The prime minister’s commitment to a “new and fair constitutional…
Jolly good. Now, about that small matter… Paul Rogers/PA Wire

Explainer: what political clout does Prince Charles have?

A matter concerning Prince Charles, letters written to government ministers and a bid by the Guardian to make them public has been playing out in British courts and the media for the past few years. It…

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