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The future of the Parkes radio telescope in doubt in a climate of cutbacks. Flickr/Steve Dorman

2014, the year that was: Science + Technology

It’s been a year of incredible feats in science and technology but also a year of uncertainty too as the Australian government’s budget proposed changes to the funding for universities and cut funding…
You didn’t need a onesie to get hot under the collar about sharks in 2014. AAP Image/Theron Kirkman

2014, the year that was: Environment + Energy

Want a single word to sum up environmental affairs in 2014? Let’s go with “heated”. The year began with the realisation that 2013 was Australia’s hottest ever (and yes, it’s because of us), and ended with…
Key issues in 2014: HIV progress, Ebola, Medicare co-payment and consumer health. Flickr/Brian Talbot; EPA/Ahmed Jallanzo; AAP/David Hunt;

2014, the year that was: Health + Medicine

2014 was dominated by discussions about better ways of paying for health care. But for all the talk, little progress was made. The year began with former Howard government adviser Terry Barnes’ proposal…
Tony Abbott promised a government of no surprises and no excuses. 2014 delivered anything but. AAP/Lukas Coch

2014, the year that was: Politics + Society

In 1996, John Howard offered this aspiration for Australians: I would like to see them comfortable and relaxed about their history; I would like to see them comfortable and relaxed about the present and…
How’s your year been? Thanks for sharing it with us. AAP/MONA, Exxopolis by Architects of Air

2014, the year that was: Arts + Culture

Hey luvvies! We’ve made it! 2014 is in the bank – and here’s what we did, what you read, how we all came through it. Think of the following as a music festival: loads of highlights, one after the other…
Cheers. 2014 via palpitation/Shutterstock

2014, the year that was

Holidays provide some time to hunker down for a good read, maybe by the fire if you live in the northern hemisphere; if not, then on a patch of warm sand by the sea. In case you’ve missed some issues…
Higher education got the most attention it’s had in decades, thanks to the proposed shake up by this man. AAP

2014, the year that was: Education

While 2013 was all about schools and their funding (remember Gonski, anyone?), 2014 was the year of higher education reform. Or, at least, proposed higher education “reform”. With cuts to higher education…
Amidst the hugging of cuddly animals, G20 leaders talked growth. Andrew Taylor/G20 Australia/AAP

2014, the year that was: Business + Economy

In April, Treasurer Joe Hockey set the tone for his economics policies in a speech in New York on what he referred to as ending the “entitlement culture”. Hockey, who had given a defining speech in 2012…