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Bottoms up. EPA

Going to the pub could solve our drinking problem

Rarely a day passes without another horror story about the UK’s drinking problem: alcohol-related violence, debauchery in city centres, record demand on A&E resources, a liver disease epidemic and…
Earlier closing times for pubs and bars is the key to preventing alcohol-fuelled assaults. André Hofmeister/Flickr

Earlier pub closing times key to reducing alcohol-fuelled assaults

Earlier pub closing times have a large impact on curbing alcohol-fuelled violence, according to research my colleagues and I have published today in the international peer-reviewed journal Drug & Alcohol…
A screen shot of the web page dedicated to DrinkWise’s How to Drink Properly ad campaign.

DrinkWise’s cynical campaign shouldn’t fool anyone

Alcohol industry-funded organisation DrinkWise has released a new advertising campaign titled Drinking – Do it properly that will supposedly reduce the harmful effects of binge drinking among young Australians…
What’s fair about four cans for £3.50? David Cheskin/PA

Minimum pricing for alcohol helps poorer, heavy drinkers

When the UK Government abandoned its proposal to introduce minimum unit pricing for alcohol in July 2013, it argued there was a lack of concrete evidence that the policy would reduce the harm caused by…
Reduce your cancer risk by reducing your alcohol consumption. V31S70/Flickr

Health Check: does alcohol cause cancer?

Alcohol and cancer is a topic that arouses a lot of controversy: many Australians like the odd drink but don’t want to make the connection to cancer, the world’s biggest killer. The World Health Organisation’s…
Urban areas have historically been the winners in terms of heavy drinking but the picture has changes. Brian/Flickr

We drink in the town and country, but who drinks more?

So you’re back from up the country, Mister Lawson, where you went, And you’re cursing all the business in a bitter discontent; Well, we grieve to disappoint you, and it makes us sad to hear, That it wasn’t…
Most young people expect to engage in a number of risky activities at schoolies. Image from

Sex, drugs and alcohol: what really goes on at schoolies?

After finishing year 12, more than 50,000 young Australians attend schoolies celebrations, with most ending up on the Gold Coast. Other schoolies (or “leavers”, as they’re known in Western Australia) head…
How do we deal with people who use a night out as an excuse for a fight? Flickr/Anamorphic Mike

Itching for a fight: the motives behind alcohol-fuelled violence

This weekend, yet another violent assault has reminded us of the need to curb alcohol-related violence in public spaces. For most students, schoolies week means a trip away from home to celebrate the end…

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