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Metropolitan Epiphanius of Kyiv leading a Christmas Eve prayer service at the St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine, 24 December 2023. EPA-EFE/Oleg Petrasyuk

Ukraine’s churches are adopting the western calendar – but not everyone is happy

The Orthodox church has sought to distance itself from Russia, but changing the calendar means abandoning a principle that survived decades of Soviet repression.
Archbishop of Los Angeles Jose H. Gomez stands with people celebrating the Virgin of Guadalupe’s feast day in 2022. AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

Viva Guadalupe! Beyond Mexico, the Indigenous Virgin Mary is a powerful symbol of love and inclusion for millions of Latinos in the US

The famous apparition of the Virgin Mary has come to symbolize Mexico, but other groups – particularly migrants and Latinos north of the border – also feel a special connection to Guadalupe.
Many religious graduate students in science say they keep quiet about that aspect of their identity. Sean Anthony Eddy/E+ via Getty Images

The challenges of being a religious scientist

Stereotypes about religion vs. science are overblown – but those assumptions can create challenges for religious grad students, a sociologist finds.

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