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Will Treasurer Scott Morrison revive the Ghosts of Budgets Past in this year’s budget speech? AAP/Mick Tsikas

Where are they now? Tracking down the promises of budgets past

Having made a commitment to reduce spending, the federal government will have its work cut out with this year’s budget, which may require revisiting policy ideas that have caused it pain in the past.
New write-off rules may be too good to be true for some small businesses. Image sourced from

How the small business write-off can make you worse off

The $20,000 immediate write-off for small business has been broadly welcomed, but modelling shows there will be losers.
Immediate tax deductions for small business are designed to boost investment and confidence. AAP.Julian Smith

Why the small business tax break could pay for itself

The small business package allowing firms to depreciate up to $20,000 of assets comes with a hefty upfront cost - but the government collects later.
The evidence of cultural consumption and production in Australia does not bear out the claims made by Senator Brandis. AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Philosophy vs evidence is no way to orchestrate cultural policy

What is the premise of recently-announced cuts to Australia Council funding, and the establishment of a National Programme for Excellence in the Arts? There is actually a considerable evidence base from which to form policy decisions in Australian arts funding.

Progress on crowd-funding campaign: can you help?

I’d like to update you on our crowd-funding activities following the decision by the Australian Government to end funding for The Conversation. At $1m, that represents a 25% loss to our budget.
Beyond being told or incentivised to hire older workers, employers need to feel they are making the right decision. Image sourced from

Employers need more than money to hire older workers

The government wants to see more older workers in the workforce, but first we need to overcome the ageist attitudes held my many employers.
Two sides of the same coin? Convergence theory explains why the Labor and Liberal parties are often closer together on issues than they like to portray. Mick Tsikas/AAP

Convergence theory explains the lack of choice in Australian politics

Convergence theory – which holds that the main Australian political parties will, over time, converge upon near-identical policy positions on most issues – was on full display during budget week.
With new sources of venture capital funding Australia can boost innovation and its economy. Image sourced from

Significant Investor Visa misses the mark on VC and innovation

Australia can attract much needed venture capital funding through its Significant Investor Visa system, but only if a proposed new system is designed well.
Looking over Palmerston and the East Arm of Darwin Harbour to the new $35B Inpex LNG plant. Many resources projects in the north are in beautiful, environmentally important places. Andrew Campbell

The budget harks back to old ideas for northern Australia

This year’s federal budget outlined plans for infrastructure in northern Australia, but it will need to do more than build roads and rail to sustainably develop the north.

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