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Robinson: ‘Climate change is a threat multiplier.’ James Akena/Reuters

Mary Robinson: climate change ‘very likely’ to increase radicalisation

UN special envoy and former Irish president Mary Robinson talks to leading experts about the 2015 Paris climate negotiations.
French papers have a range of views on COP21, but even more views about terrorism. Cathy Alexander

Despite the climate talks, French media are still focused on terrorism

France was prepared to be on the world stage in late 2015. But not like this. As the Paris climate summit reached its halfway mark on Saturday, the local media was still largely preoccupied with the terrorist…
In the aftermath of 2012’s deadly Hurricane Sandy, New York launched a US$20 billion plan to defend the city against future storms as well as rising sea levels. David Shankbone/Flickr

Sea level rise is real – which is why we need to retreat from unrealistic advice

Managing the impacts of rising seas for some communities is being made more difficult by the actions of governments, homeowners – and even some well-intentioned climate adaptation experts.
Brian Snyder/Reuters

Who feels the heat first?

At yesterday’s COP21 science briefing, University of Reading climate scientist Ed Hawkins displayed a chilling (pun intended) colour-coded world map. Nation by nation, it showed which countries are already…

Just how hard will India push in Paris?

India has emerged as one of the key, and most intriguing, voices at the COP21 talks in Paris. In the first three days of the conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has committed to playing a constructive…

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