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With government reforms underway, are we headed to a more enticing rail experience in the UK? PjrTransport / Alamy Stock Photo

Rail reform: why Britain’s railways are getting a full makeover

The government’s plan to shake up the national rail system is ambitious. Whether it will be cheaper for the customer – and for the nation – remains to be seen
Public transit drivers are now responsible for preventing unmasked passengers from boarding and removing unruly customers. Seth Herald/AFP via Getty Images

Public transit drivers struggle to enforce mask mandates

Recent federal mask mandates on all public transit have burdened bus drivers with difficult and sometimes dangerous duties to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.
In Paris, the major east-west axis, from the Place de la Concorde to the Place de la Bastille, as given a temporary ‘coronapiste’ after the pandemic broke out. Mayor Anne Hidalgo has said that it will become permanent. Mairie de Paris

Can the city cycling boom survive the end of the Covid-19 pandemic?

The need for social distancing sparked a cycling boom, cutting air pollution and boosting city dwellers’ mental and physical health. But when the pandemic ends, will it be back to life as usual?

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