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A protest in Johannesburg against the lack of service delivery or basic necessities such as access to water and electricity. Photo by Marco Longari / AFP via Getty images

South Africa has been warned that it faces an ‘Arab Spring’: so what are the chances?

The country is still a very different political space. It’s a noisy democracy with a free media, lots of dissenting voices, and insulting the government doesn’t carry any overt sanction.
Fanon was among the early exponents of decolonisation. Tony Webster/ Minneapolis Police Department. Wikimedia

Remembering Frantz Fanon – six great reads

Fanon left a remarkable imprint, his views influencing many in the field of mental illness as well as pan-Africanist and anti-colonialism thinkers.
Voters in Johannesburg queue to vote in South Africa’s May 2019 national elections. EFE-EPA/Kim Ludbrook

A referendum on electoral reform in South Africa might stir up trouble

Referenda may well have a place in the country’s democracy, but if the form of an electoral system can be referred to a referendum, why not capital punishment, abortion or LGBT rights?
Judge President of South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal, Mandisa Maya. Simphiwe Nkwali (Photo by Gallo Images / The Times via GettyImages)

Justice Maya’s support for African languages in South Africa’s courts is a positive sign

It is important to embrace all the nation’s languages in a multilingual and multicultural society. This will ensure they are used, developed and mainstreamed.

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