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The African National Congress has lost electoral support but remains dominant. Phill Magakoe / AFP via Getty Images.

South Africa’s ruling party is performing dismally, but a flawed opposition keeps it in power

Dissatisfied ANC voters were much more likely to switch their votes if they held positive views of an opposition party. However, the problem for the opposition is that few people held these views.
South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa delivers the 2022 state of nation address to a joint sitting of Parliament. Coalitions could soon be a feature of national government. Jaco Marais/Pool Images/Gallo Images via Getty Images)

A stable national coalition government in South Africa? Possible, but only if elites put country’s interests first

Stable coalitions will depend on strong democratic values being embedded among political elites.
Voters in Johannesburg queue to vote in South Africa’s May 2019 national elections. EFE-EPA/Kim Ludbrook

A referendum on electoral reform in South Africa might stir up trouble

Referenda may well have a place in the country’s democracy, but if the form of an electoral system can be referred to a referendum, why not capital punishment, abortion or LGBT rights?

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