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A truck carries anti-government protesters to ministry offices in a bid to shut them down. A similar protest at Government House last week resulted in several deaths. EPA/Rungroj Yongrit

Neros fiddle while Thailand’s slow burn threatens to flare

I walk from my apartment of a morning along a small street, on which local police supposedly provide protection but are not to be seen. The street enters a main road leading to the largest rally site in…
While protesters still turned out in smaller numbers in Bangkok on Thursday, they have clearly failed in their key goal of stopping the election. EPA/Nyein Chan Naing

No winners in flawed poll but Thai democracy may yet find a way

In early November, the Pheu Thai government rammed through amnesty legislation that included last-minute changes to enable former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra to return to Thailand without fear of…
Thailand’s political crisis is spiralling into an intractable conflict. Wally Santana/AP

Thailand may be heading down a violent path of no return

After street clashes between groups of armed protesters on Saturday, many feared that Sunday’s election in Thailand would see an upsurge in violence. Anti-government protesters who opposed the vote had…
Anti-government demonstrations in Thailand are impacting on the country’s tourism. AAP

Saving face and promoting tourist safety in south east Asia

Anti-government demonstrations in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, have culminated in the government declaring a state of emergency for 60 days over the city. The Thai government hopes that the restriction…
A whistle-blowing demonstrator joins the “Bangkok Shutdown” rally, continuing months of anti-government protests. EPA/Rungroj Yongrit

Beware of throwing out Thai democracy with the government

The position being put by Thai anti-government leader Suthep Thaugsuban is that democracy is not at present supportable in Thailand and, indeed, may never have been supportable. Somehow, Suthep suggests…
The protests in Thailand are the latest spasm in a long struggle. PA

Rooting out corruption will be key to stability in Thailand

There has been much coverage of Thailand’s protests, with stories of the Yellow Shirt (PAD) and Red Shirt (UDD) saga popping up around the globe. Yet there is a conspicuous lack of discussion about what…
The ongoing anti-government street protests in Thailand are aiming to regain the capacity to direct change and maintain political control. EPA/Narong Sangnak

Thailand’s street politics turns violent yet again

In recent days, royalist demonstrators have hit the streets in Thailand, seeking to oust another elected government. Violence has again rocked the capital of Bangkok, where some 100 people have been injured…
The Mekong in Xayaburi Province, Laos – the site of a proposed dam. But what will happen to biodiversity and people? Flickr/International Rivers.

Rhino horn and tiger blood: conservation in the Mekong

When Australians think of the Mekong they think cheap holidays or Vietnamese restaurants. Biodiversity-wise however, the Mekong is a frontier, a place where biological riches collide with human pressure…
Qantas has chosen to partner with Emirates in what some see as a shift away from Asia. AAP/Barbara Walton

New travel data shows importance of Asia routes to Qantas

Qantas’ decision to strengthen its ties with Dubai-based airline Emirates and scale back its relationship with British Airways…
Worst hit by the Asian financial crisis in 1998, Indonesia’s economy has returned to pre-crisis growth rates. What lessons are there for Greece? Flickr/Cillian Storm

Can Greece learn from the story of Indonesia in the Asian financial crisis?

European financial woes are mounting daily is what some have called the biggest economic challenge of our generation. However, just over a decade ago an even larger financial crisis was unfolding in Australia’s…
How do you stop young Australians from participating in risky activities overseas? Flickr/vampirogordo

Fatal attraction: young Australians travelling on the edge

Australians love to travel the world. In 2011 more than 7.5 million Australians (or more than one third of all Australians) travelled outside the country. Of course, most Australian travellers abroad have…

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