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Cafes might have hosted work for centuries but are they the best place for gig workers to do their thing? TOLGA BOZOGLU/EPA

What workspaces are the best for freelance workers?

When it comes to gig workers, research says it’s better to work with others and in the same place everytime.
An increasing bank of research shows people who work in open plan offices find it difficult to focus. Chris Jagers/Flickr

Office design should focus on people, not just the work they do

With all the chatter about beautiful office design, it would be easy to assume workplaces have come a long way from the days of the cubicle farm. But recent research has shown this may not actually be…
Singapore’s one-north is one of many innovation precincts popping up around the world. Anthony V/Flickr

Valleys, alleys and roundabouts: innovating beyond a precinct

Bringing together knowledge and innovation has become an increasingly important consideration for urban planners as they grapple with the expansion of a knowledge economy and its implications for economic…
Hot or not? Collaborative workspaces are increasingly common for offices, but also have implications for the employer and the employee. Arne Kuilman/Flickr

The rise and fall of the hot desk: say hello to activity-based working

Office space is one of the largest costs associated with running a business, which is why hot desking, where employees choose from a selection of available work sites rather than having an assigned workspace…

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