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X-ray vision is not only possible, it already exists – but using computers, not eyes. Marcella Cheng/The Conversation

Curious Kids: Is x-ray vision possible?

Human eyes don’t have x-ray vision. But we can use radiography machines to allow our eyes to see inside things the human eye cannot.
Computed tomography uses computer-analysed X-rays to produce ‘slices’ of the body. U.S. Pacific Fleet

The science of medical imaging: X-rays and CT scans

Our short series, the Science of Medical Imaging, examines the technology behind non-invasive methods of creating images of the human body. In this article, we discuss the technique of transmission imaging…
Australian gold mines can yield as little as 1g of gold per tonne of rock – but X-rays can detect minuscule amounts of gold and save billions of dollars. Ben Cooper

Eureka! X-ray vision can find hidden gold

Globally, the minerals industry is operating in an increasingly challenging environment. Lower and more volatile metal prices, declining ore grades, increasing production costs, environmental pressures…
The Hadron Collider was built to find the Higgs Boson but it might also help us discover better ways to treat cancer. PA/CERN

Cutting-edge particle physics could bring cancer therapy home

The recent case of Neon Roberts and the legal dispute over his treatment for a brain tumour threw the spotlight on the potential risks of using radiotherapy to treat complex cancers in children. Radiotherapy…
Imagine a magic prism for the entire range of electromagnetic waves. TORLEY

Explainer: what is the electromagnetic spectrum?

Visible light forms part of the electromagnetic spectrum. So do emissions from TV and radio transmitters, mobile phones and the energy inside microwave ovens. The X-rays used in diagnostic imaging and…
The collision of art and science is producing some impressive results. CSIRO, Australian Synchrotron and National Gallery of Victoria

Streeton, Da Vinci and the science of seeing art’s secrets

The ability to see through walls and other objects Superman-style is surely high on the wish-list for many children. Sadly, with the purchase of a child’s first pair of novelty X-ray glasses, such dreams…
Exposure to radiation from dental x-rays has decreased in recent years. EPA/Julian Abram Wainwright

Dental X-rays linked to brain tumour risk

People who received frequent dental x-rays as children could be at increased risk of developing a commonly diagnosed primary brain tumour, according to a study of almost 2,800 people. The study, published…
New therapies that haven’t yet been clinically proven may still be used ethically under certain circumstances. Juraj Kubica

Eminence or evidence? The ethics of using untested treatments

TRANSPARENCY AND MEDICINE – A series examining issues from ethics to the evidence in evidence-based medicine, the influence of medical journals to the role of Big Pharma in our present and future health…

X-rays reveal inside of the moon

X-rays of the moon have shown that, unlike Earth, our rocky satellite has no active volcanos, and hasn’t for billions of…
Amelia Fraser-McKelvie (centre) with supervisors Dr Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway (left) and Dr Kevin Pimbblet (right). Image courtesy of Monash University

Student solves ‘missing mass’ riddle

An undergraduate astrophysics student at Monash University has detected some of the universe’s “missing mass”, solving a problem that had confounded scientists for many decades. Amelia Fraser-McKelvie…

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