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America’s biggest book publishers originally viewed LGBTQ+ romance as a niche market. Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision via Getty Images

What’s behind the astonishing rise in LGBTQ+ romance literature?

It’s tempting to see this trend as a sign of the times. But the biggest book publishers started changing their approach only once they realized they were leaving money on the table.
The largest tributary on the left bank of the Amazon, the Rio Negro is known for its paradisiacal landscapes, fresh, clean and abundant waters, where pink dolphins swim. Today, much of its riverbed around Manaus looks like this. AP Photo/Edmar Barros

Amazon region hit by trio of droughts in grim snapshot of the century to come

The drought is expected to affect the region until mid-2024 at the earliest. Signs of its severity include the lowest water levels in the city of Manaus in 121 years.
“Traffic jams” of boats and floating houses on the dry bed of Lake Puraquequara, in the outskirts of Manaus: a combination of climate change, a strong El Niño and insistence on works with a huge environmental impact contribute to an unprecedented and extremely urgent condition in the region. AP Photo/Edmar Barros

Drought in the Amazon: Understanding the causes and the need for an immediate action plan to save the biome

A combination of climate change, a strong El Niño and an insistence on works of enormous impact are contributing to an unprecedented and extremely urgent situation in the region
Forced and child labor has been reported in mines in the Congo, which produces over 70% of the world’s cobalt. Junior Kannah/AFP via Getty Images

Many global corporations will soon have to police up and down their supply chains as EU human rights ‘due diligence’ law nears enactment

A new EU law would require thousands of multinational companies, including many based in the US, to look for signs of human rights abuses in their supply chains.
Retailers’ costs for managing returns are rising. Ronny Hartmann/picture alliance via Getty Images

Inside the black box of Amazon returns

Returns are becoming a costly sustainability problem for retailers and the planet. A supply chain expert explains.

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