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The two lion coalition of Jacob and Tibu, photographed a few weeks after their swim. Orin Cornille

Lions in a Uganda park make a perilous journey across a 1.5km stretch of water: study suggests the drive is to find mates

Male lions are making the risky swims, braving crocodiles and hippos, so as to find females.
As the pandemic winds down, continual surveillance of wild animals is vital to ensure that it doesn’t switch to another sphere of life. Kamil Martinovsky/ shutterstock

COVID infection of three lions and a puma in private South African zoo points to need for wider surveillance

A growing body of research shows that COVID-19 protocols should be extended to areas in which there is a human-animal interface such as zoos, wildlife sanctuaries and game farms.
A tiger’s vertical stripes help it blend in with trees and grasses in its homelands in Asia. Frédéric Soltan/Corbis via Getty Images

Why do tigers have stripes?

How do tigers – a top predator – successfully hunt their prey when they have bright orange fur? The secret’s in their stripes!
Did Puss in Boots have it all wrong? Flickr/zaimoku_woodpile

Curious Kids: Why don’t cats wear shoes?

Cats evolved in hot desert regions where there were lots of small animals to eat. So they evolved feet that are perfect for pouncing on prey, climbing, scratching and jumping from great heights.

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