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Hyper TV makes for hyper kids

Young children who watch fast-paced television shows may find it difficult to pay attention, solve problems and moderate…
Researchers say they have identified two different types of autism, paving the way for more targeted treatment. Flickr/Pondspider

Autism breakthrough could lead to new treatments

US researchers say they have identified at least two distinct types of autism, paving the way for new and more targeted treatments…
The study claims an association between infant reactions and adult anxiety is due to temperament rather than shaped by the environment. MRS.HART/Flickr

Could infant behaviour predict future anxiety disorders?

A paper published earlier this week in the journal Molecular Psychiatry claims reactions to unfamiliar sounds, smells and objects at four-months could predict the development of anxiety disorders later…
Problems come when bodies change and brain development doesn’t keep up. Flickr/zebra404

Twelve going on 20: are girls reaching puberty earlier?

You just have to turn on the television or catch a glimpse of a magazine newsstand to see how girls are being thrust into adulthood earlier and earlier. But does biology match societal change? Are girls…
Pulse oximetry is usually done by clipping a small sensor onto a baby’s foot. Flickr/storyvillegirl

Life-saving test picks up baby heart defects

A quick, cheap and non-invasive test on newborn infants is effective in picking up heart defects missed by some prenatal…

Pesticide exposure lowers children’s IQ

Prenatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides has the potential to lower children’s IQ, according to three studies published…
Helping children recognise the sounds in words can improve their reading ability. Pratham Books/Flickr

Sounding off about teaching children to read

There are two main approaches to teaching children to read. Phonics, involves teaching children to recognise combinations of characters and establish the meanings of words based on combining them. The…

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