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A research assistant at the the German National Metrology Institute studies an atomic clock. AP Photo/ Focke Strangmann

Unequal access to quantum information education may limit progress in this emerging field − now is the time to improve

Universities and colleges nationwide are beginning to investigate quantum education to develop a workforce ready for quantum technology.
Philadelphia’s public high schools face a trade-off between emphasizing academic and technical skills. Hill Street Studios/DigitalVision Collection via Getty Images

Most Philly public school students have college ambitions − but their level of preparation depends on which high school they attend

A sociologist and former high school math teacher found that Philadelphia students face starkly different expectations for college depending on what type of school they attend.
DEI programs can foster a stronger sense of belonging among college students from minority groups. Ariel Skelley/DigitalVision via Getty Images

How DEI rollbacks at colleges and universities set back learning

DEI programs bolster college students’ sense of identity and belonging. Without these programs, they stand to miss out on crucial learning and career opportunities.
Student views of campus police may be affected by societal views of law enforcement more broadly. steved_np3 via Getty Images

Perception of campus police is more negative among students from minority groups

Prior encounters with police didn’t negatively affect student views of campus police, but perceptions varied among students from different ethnic and racial groups and LGBTQ+ students.
Students erect ‘shantytowns’ at Johns Hopkins University in 1986 to call for divestment from South Africa. JHU Sheridan Libraries/Gado via Getty Images

Calls for divestment from apartheid South Africa gave today’s pro-Palestinian student activists a blueprint to follow

In the 1980s, university administrators called the police on anti-apartheid protesters, threatened to revoke their scholarships and ordered staff to demolish encampments.
Some students walked out on Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s commencement speech at Virginia Commonwealth University in May 2024. The Washington Post via Getty Images

I served as a college president for nearly two decades – I know choosing the right commencement speaker can be fraught with risks

The right commencement speaker can create a memorable experience, generate favorable media coverage for the school and inspire donors. So why do colleges miss the mark on this once-a-year decision?
The ranks of Black teachers have been decimated since public schools were ordered desegregated in 1954. LWA via Getty Images

How Black teachers lost when civil rights won in Brown v. Board

As the nation marks the 70th anniversary of Brown v. Board, one of its most significant side effects − the large-scale loss of Black teachers − continues to affect America’s schools.

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