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Jazz was the most influential musical movement of the 20th century. What’s its story? The Count Basie Orchestra.

Explainer: the history of jazz

Jazz evolved from the fringes of American society into one of the most influential, and enduring, musical movements of the 20th century. How did it get from what it was to what it is now?
The question arises time and time again about why jazz festivals include other genres - and the answer is really simple.

Why debates about jazz festivals should be about more than genre purism

Jazz represents a minority audience in an already relatively small music market and to cover costs, the aggregation of fans must be across genres to maximise numbers.
A drummer performs at the Beijing International Jazz Festival. Reuters

Can jazz thrive in China?

With Blue Note Jazz Club opening a venue in Beijing, a genre that's flagging stateside may experience a Far East revival.
Playing at Bennetts Lane is an indication that you can be considered a ‘serious’ jazz musician. mandykoh

Bennetts Lane closure strikes a bum note for Australian jazz

Last week’s announcement that Melbourne’s Bennetts Lane Jazz Club will close in nine months came as a shock to most in the Australian jazz community. Bennetts Lane has been a focal point for local jazz…
Chris Dave seems to have internalised every piece of music he has ever heard. Photo by Gerard Victor

Hip-hop, breakbeat, flamenco … that’s 21st-century jazz

Jazz has evolved to become one of the most inclusive genres in modern music. But how does an art form that so willingly assimilates influences from different musical styles still hold on to its essence…
Louis Armstrong was used by the US government as a political tool.

Insipid International Jazz Day whitewashes a fractious past

Jazz is filling the radio waves and culture sections in honour of International Jazz Day. The day is organised by UNESCO, who say that the event, first run in 2012, is designed to celebrate the music for…
The Harlem Kiddies in the St. Thomas club, Copenhagen 1941. Little Beat Records

How an Afro-Jewish band rocked Nazi-occupied Denmark

It seems an impossibility: in Nazi-occupied Denmark in the 1940s, one of the hottest jazz orchestras around was the interracial Harlem Kiddies, with two white and three black band members – and a Jewish…

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