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A seabed habitat on the ocean floor off the coast of Nova Scotia seen on the third dive of the NOAA Deep Connections 2019 expedition. (NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research)

New research sheds lights on the huge carbon store in Canada’s seabed

New research has revealed the scale of the carbon-storage potential of the seabeds around Canada, conservation efforts must take this new data into account.
Warm water expands, raising sea levels, which worsens storm surge during hurricanes. It’s only one risk from warming oceans. AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

The warming ocean is leaving coastal economies in hot water

Global ocean temperatures have been at record highs almost daily for over a year, and economies are feeling the heat.
Icebergs that break off from Greenland’s glaciers carry enormous amounts of fresh water that can affect Atlantic currents. Hubert Neufeld via Unsplash

Is collapse of the Atlantic Ocean circulation really imminent? Icebergs’ history reveals some clues

If the ocean circulation, known as AMOC, shuts down, it would be a climate disaster, particularly for Europe and North America. New research shows why that might not happen as soon as some fear.

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