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Different climate policies will work in different places, communities and contexts, so new research that highlights the nuances could be a vital tool. Jacob_09/Shutterstock

How psychology can help people live more climate-friendly lives – lessons from around the world

Insight from one of the largest experiments ever conducted in climate change psychology sheds light on how people could make more effective decisions about their lifestyle and also wider policies.
We can be unduly hard on ourselves as we grapple with the implications of declining an invitation. Yifei Fang/Moment via Getty Images

Are our fears of saying ‘no’ overblown?

Nearly 80% of people have accepted invitations to events they didn’t want to attend.
Thinking about issues’ impact on their own lives can help people envision more common ground. wildpixel/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Making it personal: Considering an issue’s relevance to your own life could help reduce political polarization

Changing the ‘psychological distance’ someone feels toward an issue can shift their attitudes in ways that might help people on opposite sides of an issue see more eye to eye.
An increased disconnect from your body can make it easier to harm yourself, whether by disordered eating or suicide. Maskot/Maskot via Getty Images

Eating disorders are the most lethal mental health conditions – reconnecting with internal body sensations can help reduce self-harm

Many people with eating disorders die from suicide. Improving perception of internal body states, or interoception, can help everyone better care for their own bodies.

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