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Caution: robots in real life may differ from those that appear here. Robot image from

Beyond bodies: there’s more to robots than a humanoid shape

If someone tells you to think of a robot, what springs to mind? Is it a humanoid shape made of metal, with glowing eyes, that speaks in a jerky voice? Or is it a robotic factory arm, or a car that can…
The DARwIn-OP humanoid soccer-playing robot may look like a toy, but is a platform for groundbreaking artificial intelligence research. David Budden

Robots will be FIFA champions – if they keep their eyes on the ball

We already know robots manufacture cars, work in factories, even vacuum our homes - but could they form a world-beating soccer team? The question seems like ripe pickings for a movie mogul, given Hollywood’s…
The Legged Squad Support System has been designed to accompany war fighters into battle. Boston Dynamics

Meet Boston Dynamics’ LS3 – the latest robotic war machine

On first viewing Boston Dynamics’ latest creation, the LS3 (Legged Squad Support System), I could not help but be taken back to the AT-AT (All Terrain Armoured Transport) walker, as depicted in the Star…
“We should stop treating intelligent machines as the stuff of science fiction.” Cea.

Artificial intelligence – can we keep it in the box?

We know how to deal with suspicious packages – as carefully as possible! These days, we let robots take the risk. But what if the robots are the risk? Some commentators argue we should be treating AI (artificial…
Australia’s unique manufacturing DNA - comprised of tens of thousands of small-to-medium enterprises - means that we must forge our own path to innovation. DNA Art Online

Finding a unique path for Australia’s manufacturing future

As the manufacturing landscape shifts in response to new economic and social pressures, Australia is looking for an answer to the question: What does the future look like for Australian manufacturing…
The giants of mining are moving towards the unmanned extraction of the earth’s resources. AAP/EPA/Christian Sprogoe

Robots, red dust, and the future of mining towns

Automation and remote operation are set to transform Australian mining. It makes sense: automation can address labour shortages as the industry expands, reduce costs and improve productivity, health and…

Robot flying bugs mimic butterflies

Engineers have been studying the movement of butterflies to help refine the behaviour of small airborne robots. The researchers…
The brain implants helped the monkeys differentiate between virtual objects that looked the same but ‘felt’ different – even though the monkeys never touched the objects. Katie Zhuang

Monkey brain implant may help disabled people to ‘feel’

Monkeys fitted with brain implants can “feel” different surfaces of identical virtual objects, a new study shows, paving…

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