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Who got their facts right in 2016? Chris Zissiadis, urbanlight photography

Can you tell fact from fiction? Take The Conversation 2016 FactCheck quiz to find out

2016 was the year that gave us “post-truth” as the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year, assurances that people “have had enough of experts”, and an increasingly powerful tide of fake news.

Through all this, FactCheck ploughed on. Our experts fact-checked the 2016 Australian federal election, claims from lobby groups, and assertions across the political spectrum. All FactChecks are blind reviewed by a second expert to ensure accuracy.

We think facts matter more than ever. So who got it right and who got it wrong in 2016?

Take The Conversation’s 2016 FactCheck quiz to find out.

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Have you ever seen a “fact” worth checking? The Conversation’s FactCheck asks academic experts to test claims and see how true they are. We then ask a second academic to review an anonymous copy of the article. You can request a check at Please include the statement you would like us to check, the date it was made, and a link if possible.

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