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Nicole Kidman has been nominated for an Oscar in the category of best supporting actress. Lion/IMDb

Australian cinema for Australia Day

Australian cinema has offered striking, intelligent and forceful evaluations of our national identity. Rather than play an outdated gambling game this Australia Day, why not watch the best of Aussie film?
Laura Harring and Naomi Watts in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, recently ranked 1st on the BBC’s list of 21st century films. Mulholland Drive (2001)

The BBC’s top 100 21st century films? Give me a break!

The BBC recently released a list of the “greatest films of the 21st century.” This kind of list immediately raises hackles and heckles all over the place. Unsurprisingly, a conventional kind of “safe…
We might celebrate diversity at the Logies, but the event still deserves a healthy skepticism. Joe Castro/AAP

The Logies: a yearly advertisement for Australian TV

In the age of boutique TV, binge watching, and data drops of entire series, it is easy to forget the dominant function of television: the broadcasting of a stream of advertisements directly into the living…
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. youtube

Depp, Heard, Joyce – The Future of Cinema and Its Critique

1972: In a poignant scene in one of the key films of the decade, hottest young star Al Pacino seeks and receives advice about family and assassinations from sage patriarch Marlon Brando. The scene is from…
From left: Anya-Taylor Joy as Thomasina, Kate Dickie as Katherine, and Ellie Grainger and Lucas Dawson as impish brats Mercy and Jonas in Robert Eggers’ recent The Witch (2015) Parts and Labor

The Witch – excellent supernatural fodder

There haven’t been many films about witches in recent years. Stories explicitly scapegoating women as “mad” and “hysterical” seem to have fallen out of favour in popular culture, even if this tendency…
Chris Rock, host of the 88th Academy Awards.

“Politics Lite” as usual in Oscar’s bluff

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, in The Birth of Tragedy (1872), suggested that the decline of Greek civilisation was accompanied by its increasing reification, celebration, and systematic self-affirmation…