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The blue marble

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Sharks Protest B.

WA Shark Frenzy: How to stop a Runaway Train

Cottesloe, WA, 10 am. Several thousand people gather, for the second time, at Cottesloe beach, the electoral district of WA Premier, and Science Minister, Collin Barnett. The goal, to complain about the…

Is the ocean broken?

An article entitled “The Ocean is Broken” is making waves on social media. In this emotional article in The Newcastle Herald, a yachty, Ivan Macfadyen, reports the lack of fish and marine life and loads…
ROYALR exterieur L.

European Research Council tours Australia

The Secretary General of the European Research Council (ERC), Prof. Donald B. Dingwell, is visiting Australia as part of a global campaign to raise awareness on the opportunities to participate in this…
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Deep sea mining: coming soon to an ocean near you

The depletion of resources on land together with the increase in resource demand and the parallel development in technologies for deep sea exploration have brought the issue of deep-sea mining to the forefront…

Take a stand on Oceans Day and de-plastify your life

Today the UN celebrates Oceans Day and we have a proposition for you: leave your plastic life behind. The introduction of plastics in the 1950’s was celebrated as a huge advance, with TIME Magazine enthusiastically…