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Walking on two feet

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The ~35,000 year old Pestera cu Oase cranium is probably a hybrid between modern humans and Neanderthals. Wikimedia Commons

All mixed up: interspecies love-ins and the offbeat history of our species

Revolutionary developments in the study of the DNA of our fossil ancestors are forcing a major rewrite of the human evolutionary story. They hold major implications for fundamental questions that cut across…
Cannibalism in Brazil in 1557 as described by Hans Staden (b. around 1525 – Wolfhagen, 1579) Wikimedian Commons

The ‘other’ red meat on the ‘real’ palaeodiet

The so-called palaeodiet, and now even the palaeo-epigenetic diet, has come under a lot of scrutiny of late for making wild and unsubstantiated claims and for being downright dangerous to our health. I…
Artist’s interpretation of an Australopithecus family. Probably the first hominin to make stone tools, according to new research. Wikimedia Commons

From sticks to stones: getting a grip on the human genus

2015 has already been an amazing year for human evolution science. We’ve witnessed an uncanny convergence of discoveries on the beginnings of the human genus, Homo, and all that it implies for understanding…