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Changing climates

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AAP/Alan Porritt

WA Senate: a vote against the carbon tax?

The Abbott government’s long-standing insistence that its mandate to govern can all be traced back to a protest against the carbon tax were renewed this weekend, when even the WA Senate re-election result…
Clive A Brown

Karl Marx and climate change

Given the efforts around the world to discredit climate change science as a “socialist plot”, it is worth looking not at the relationship of socialist states to climate change, but to foundational socialist…
Screen Shot at AM.

Visualising Australia’s carbon emissions

Being able to visualise the impacts, the process and causes of climate change is not easy. Taking on board the abstract scale of the changes is challenging. Sometimes we need to refer to images from our…
Cracked earth at a dam site in Thailand – a dystopian view of climate change. AAP/Barbara Walton

Cli-fi’: could a literary genre help save the planet?

More than 10 years ago, in an issue of Granta, environmentalist Bill McKibben lamented the fact climate change has not been able to capture the literary imagination in the same way as the nuclear and political…

Our love-hate relationship with Facebook

By David Holmes and Anna Matwijiw More than 50% of young Australians have seriously considered shutting down their Facebook accounts, even while many of them check the site compulsively through the day…