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Changing climates

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AAP/Matthew Newton

Is climate change a socialist plot?

In the past year, we have heard from several right-of-centre members of the media-political elite in Australia - some of whom dined together at Kirribilli House on the weekend - that climate change is…

The political anatomy of a fire

In 2009, just after Black Saturday, when some of Canada’s most experienced firefighters were out in Australia to fight bushfires, they were amazed. They told journalists that while the spruce and fir forests…
Screen Shot at PM.

Is the Abbott government fiddling while NSW burns?

For the Abbott government, it has emerged that talking about climate change during a “natural” disaster is taboo. Of course, how “natural” the NSW fires actually are is the issue here, as we witness over…
EPA/Maja Suslin

Climate change and the politics of consensus

Can a newspaper group achieve consensus on the science of climate change? Last Thursday, in an article on the pseudo debate that is currently impeding the communication of climate change in Australia…
Former US vice president Al Gore has been vocal in criticising the American news media’s coverage of climate change. EPA/Pietro Crocchioni

Politicised media: false balance and the pseudo climate debate

On the same day that the summary of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report was released, climate change campaigner Al Gore was giving a speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington that denounced US media…