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Exterior of Light of the World Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Elizabeth Tunstall

Re-illuminating the sacred

‘I deeply believe that design will meet its true promise when designers engage in design for the sacred.’
Indian students and Kala Raksha staff performing garba folk dance. Elizabeth Tunstall

Remixing Indian design anthropology

Tuesday was the beginning of Navratri, the nine nights Hindu religious festival that celebrates the Mother Goddess Durga in her nine avatars. In the Indian state of Gujarat, the festival is celebrated…
Nantong China indigo-dyed cloth shoes and calico cloth. Elizabeth Tunstall

Undying: the life and death of an indigo cloth

The Nantongese Granny was angry. She believed her grandson was bringing a potential bride, not a group of researchers, to see her collection of indigo-dyed fabrics. Her sons and daughters laid out her…

Re-Designing the Conference

I recently concluded the Americas Cultures-Based Innovation (CBI) Symposium, co-hosted by the Banff Centre in Calgary, Canada. Being the third time that I have co-organised a CBI Symposium, I now know…
Weavings from Indigenous bush dyeing and weaving workshops. Elizabeth Tunstall

Be rooted: learning from Aboriginal dyeing and weaving

Being rooted is different from being connected or even grounded. As we know from our mobile phones, connectivity can be fleeting. Grounding is only at surface layers. Being rooted goes as deep in the earth as above in the sky, providing greater stability.
Growth as cancel cells. National Cancer Institute, modified by Elizabeth Tunstall"

Degrowth: Japan models design for steady state economies

The Cool Japan program models how a new approach to the design industry might work in the degrowth economy. To paraphrase designer and engineer Buckminster Fuller, the best way to predict the future is to design it.
Menstrual art with raspberry syrup. Elizabeth Tunstall

Re-doing the cycle: menstrual power protests and design

The only approach that you don’t find used in menstrual power protests is the use of menstrual blood as a love charm. Perhaps that’s because it taps into the deepest fears of people, especially of heterosexual men, of being entrapped by the power of women’s fertility.
There’s a difference between technologies that seek to augment versus those that seek to replicate or replace human processes. Kārlis Dambrāns

Un-doing awareness: do smart watches make dumb humans?

I think I have successfully talked my partner out of getting an Apple Watch. I generally do not interfere with his purchase decisions, but the description of the Apple Watch’s features, or those of any…