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The tides of Venus

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Meteorite iron harpoon.

Is the sky falling on our heads?

This was my week. Head buried in grant writing looks up “Oh, the Pope has resigned.” Goes back to writing, looks up a few days later “Oh dear, it seems that everyone has been eating horse.” Goes back to…
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Need to chill your beer? I’ve got the solution

It’s now my second summer in Australia. The first wasn’t too bad but this year the frequency of days in the high-30s is a little too high for this English girl. Today’s going to hit 39°C in Melbourne…
px TSSM TandEM Lander.

Time to set sail to Titan?

After the success of the audacious Entry Descent and Landing (EDL) in delivering the Curiosity rover to Mars, the space engineers of this world are no doubt looking for the next challenge. How about something…
the damage.

Curiosity gets to know its neighbours

There’s a rock on the surface of Mars that now has a very strange life story. N165’s life started out normally enough. Like the basalt rocks on Earth it would have erupted molten, and solidified when exposed…