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Free associations

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Should we celebrate the multicultural rainbow, or look away? pixabay

Cultures fuse and connect, so we should embrace polyculturalism

Cultural diversity is an inescapable fact of modern life. How we should think about it is less obvious. Should we celebrate the multicultural rainbow, merge its colours into one – like a colour wheel spinning…
Social psychologists and sociologists have spent decades understanding how values are best assessed. pixabay

Australian values are hardly unique when compared to other cultures

There has been much talk recently about “Australian values”. The new citizenship test will require aspiring Australians to demonstrate they possess them, or can at least reproduce them under exam conditions…
The combination of a narcissist’s high but easily undermined self-worth might seem paradoxical. pixabay

Self-esteem among narcissists is ‘puffed up, but shaky’

Like a grotesque mask reflected in a pool, narcissism has two faces, neither of them attractive. Narcissists have an inflated sense of self-worth, seeing themselves as superior beings who are entitled…
People draw animal comparisons using countless expressions.

Why it’s so offensive when we call people animals

Comparing humans to animals is vexed but irresistible. We are animals, but animals who like to believe we are not merely animals. When we do liken people to other creatures – when sports fans use racial…
edward lear.

Snout, sniff and sneeze: the language of the nose

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that language is “fossil poetry”. It is made up, he said, of images which “have long ceased to remind us of their poetic origin”. Some of that poetry is on the nose. An extraordinary…
Freud’s “anal character” theory may appear to have disappeared, but it’s really just been recycled.

Leaving the past behind: what became of the anal personality?

Writing in 1908, Freud identified a cluster of personality traits that came to be known as the "anal triad". Orderliness, obstinacy and parsimony.