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Babies versus science

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Mum why are you so fat?

“Move mum! I cant see the TV … your tummy is in the way.” The anguish in my daughter’s voice was clear – this was not just any TV show I was blocking, it was Peppa Pig! Later that night as I was putting…
Max ndParty.

The rewards and punishments of being two

Imagine if you woke up one day and found yourself unexpectedly surrounded by presents and then a few days later you woke up to find chocolate eggs all over your room. Would you rejoice in your good fortune…

What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is … also mine

At 21 months my boy Max still speaks largely in single syllables. “Ba” means “ball”, “bath”, “bottle” and somewhat surprisingly also “yoghurt”. But there is one syllable that appears to have no equal and…
emily hands up.

To all the women in science … please stand up!

As a woman interested in improving outcomes for women I feel like I am about to betray “the cause” by suggestion that any – even the smallest degree – of responsibility for the under-representation of…