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Babies versus science

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Do we really need words?

At 14 months old, Max’s only clear English word was “dog”. Now approaching 15 months, he still can’t say “Mum”. Only when he is particularly desperate to get out of the cot, out of the house, or out of…
Susie EEG.

Are babies conscious?

As a neuroscientist interested in consciousness and a mother of a baby, I often find myself wondering what sort of experiential world my little Max has been enjoying since he came into this world. Having…
Max months.

Balancing parenting and careers – why bother?

Some readers of this column might wonder why people like me even bother trying to balance a career and motherhood. Surely life would be easier if I moved out of research and took a part-time job somewhere…
Max Months.

The ethics of parenting: children vs bugs

Holidays are officially over … I can finally catch my breath! The summer has been a blur of kids, swimming, BBQs and cousins. There were a few days at the in-laws’ holiday house with 10 little cousins…

The part-time problem

For the last couple of months I have been working part-time. This was fine initially, but now everyone knows I am back so the meetings and requests are stacking up. My life is becoming increasingly difficult…

Learning to parent in the information age

In previous posts I have sung the praises of my little Max who was sleeping and feeding like a champion – but a few weeks ago all of that changed! Not the feeding part. He has continued to eat so well…
Screen shot at AM.

Did I return to work? I can’t remember

I have now been back at work for three weeks … or is it four? On my first day back I was late getting home because it took me 20 minutes to remember where I parked my car. On my second day I left both…