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Why does one boost? An under-researched area

The BBC recently had a story Paralympic athletes who harm themselves to perform better which described various ways how disabled athletes try to boost their performance level. Common boosting techniques…
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Inspired, Dazzled, Moved - part 3

Day 3 of the Games had 16 sports in the program. There were 49 medal events in seven sports. After today there are just four sports yet to start competition: Boccia; Road Cycling; Wheelchair Fencing; and…
Maddison Elliott b Team processing.

Inspired, Dazzled, Moved - part 2

There were fourteen sports on the Day 2 program at the Games. There were 40 medal events. It was a busy day for bloggers too. Amongst them was the Australian Federal Minister for Sport, Kate Lundy. She…
Libby Kosmala b Team processing.

Inspired, Dazzled, Moved - part 1

I was enthralled by the Paralympic Opening Ceremony and staggered by the scale of the event. I found myself thinking back to the newsreel images of the 1948 Stoke Mandeville Games that I had seen in cinemas…
Natalia Partyka POL.

Paralympians who are also Olympians

Two athletes who competed at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Oscar Pistorius and Natalia Partika will also compete in the Paralympic Games in London. Oscar will compete in the T44 class in Athletics (400m…
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The London Paralympic Games - legacies for all?

The London Paralympic Games is now upon us. The Opening Ceremony has been held with all the pomp and ceremony of any other major event. But what does this event do for promoting the inclusivity of people…
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Expectations of the Paralympics

What do disabled people in the UK and the non-disabled British Public expect from the Paralympic Games? Let me give you some results of different polls reflecting the British public and disabled people’s…