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So close, yet so far away

Now that even Karl Rove has accepted the result, some early thoughts are in order. The numbers will be picked over in the next weeks, but exit polls paint a clear picture. And the long-term news for Republicans…

Why Michigan matters

Moments after its polls closed, networks called Michigan for President Obama. That’s important for two reasons. First, it shows that in the auto-industry states of the Rust Belt, Obama has closed the deal…

Start watching - the results are in, Dems happy

It is really upon us. Polls have closed in the first states, Indiana and Kentucky. Those are conservative states, Romney wins. Tiny liberal Vermont is already being projected for Obama. No surprises. The…
Capitol Senate.

The other races: the Senate

One of the intriguing questions in this race is if the Democrats can hold onto the Senate. At the outset of the campaign, this looked a long shot. Of the 33 seats up for election this time, 23 are held…

Can Romney do it? Yes (perhaps)

I began this campaign tipping Rick Perry – so the following should be treated with a large pinch of salt. I just have an inkling, a very politically unscientific sense, that Romney is not out of this one…