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Bad chemistry in media battle

The media chiefs expect to have the last word about the government’s plan for a print media watchdog – more poodle than pit bull – and a public interest test to prevent further ownership concentration…

Poll piles more pressure on Gillard

Predicting federal politics this week is like trying to guess the end of a dense and tortured thriller. One of the clues is today’s Nielsen poll, in which Labor trails 44-56% on the two party vote, unchanged…

Craig Thomson knifes Labor media package

The ultimate judgment on Stephen Conroy’s extraordinary ultimatum to parliament – pass the media package next week or the government drops it - will depend on whether he gets his measures through. Crossbencher…

Bob Katter: the man with friends in odd places

Bob Katter, the colourful federal crossbencher from Queensland, does have the strangest bunch of friends. He and Kevin Rudd – whom Katter would like to see back as PM – are thick as thieves. And then there…
Proposed media reforms.

Conroy buys fight with light touch media plan

After an immensely long labour, Communication Minister Stephen Conroy has produced a media policy mouse with a modest roar. That won’t stop the media companies and the opposition treating it as a lion…
Newspoll Primary.

Poll respite for Gillard

Some pressure has been taken off the Prime Minister with today’s Newspoll, which shows Labor substantially narrowing the Coalition’s two-party lead and Julia Gillard significantly improving her better-PM…
Unemployment Figures Chart.

Gillard and Abbott bet on Australia’s xenophobia

Julia Gillard’s pledge to put foreign workers at the back of the queue for Australian jobs is tapping into what Labor sources describe as the “economic patriotism” deeply embedded in the “battler” view…
Hawke Chart.

Labor wonders where the glory days went

Thirty years ago today, Bob Hawke’s government was elected. The former ACTU leader went on to become one of modern Australia’s best prime ministers. “Hawkie” won three more elections before Paul Keating…